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Wanna have some fun?

Get a photo booth at your next event!

So, planning your next event? Really excited and can’t wait to have some fun with your friends/family! Looking for something unique and fun to add to your party, then fear not and rent a photo booth! Why you may ask? Well, no party is complete without some great pictures to serve as memories nowadays and why not make this process informal? The photo booth comes with props and well...your friends will be raving about your weekend for weeks to come!  We here at Perfect Pics Photo Booth ensure that this process is simple and will provide you with the best equipment. All of our clients return to us with a smile and our goal is maximum customer satisfaction. Here are a few reasons why you should rent one too:

 •    Fun Element:
Well, I’ve already said it before but renting a photo booth adds to the uniqueness of the event! You don’t want people to just stand there making polite conversation but for them to truly engage and remember the event! The photo booth will help break the ice and comes with fun props and backdrops and you would definitely be fighting to go next!

 •    Memories:
Whether it be a huge wedding or a small gathering for your birthday or a business event, these mark some great phases of your life and you would always want to treasure memories. This is where renting the photo booth comes into handy. It helps you click the moments and helps you look back on great times!

 •    Nostalgia:

Reminiscing your wedding day or your daughter’s first birthday when she’s off to college. Well, what do you do? Take out the photo albums and shed a tear as nostalgia seeps in. Your college party maybe which changed your life or your graduation party; all these moments need to be revisited and we provide the highest quality photos and ensure that your memories don’t fade away with time!

•    Thank You Gifts!

Bored of trying to replicate the same gift bags from another party or having a tough time putting together return gifts, then don’t fear when we are here! Perfect Pics Photo Booth allows you to take great, high quality pictures with your friends/family with fun props so you can give them out as Thank you gifts. Bye bye boring, hello classy!

If you’re pumped up about getting one for your next event you can give us a call at 586-260-6670 or email us at or click the button below.

Why Rent?

"Perfect Pics Photo Booth was AWESOME!!!! They arrived at my grandsons school prompt and prepared to give the children a fun filled experience! The booth operator was friendly, professional, and fun! I want to say thank you for such an awesome experience with being given such short notice! I will definitely be hiring this company for my other special occasions!"  Laketa Mitchell

"AWESOME COMPANY!!! Went to St. John Community Health Fair and saw them , even though i don't usually take pictures i thought I'd give them a try! Needless to say my pictures turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!! Their staff was so polite and professional! I would definitely book them for ANY event that i have!"  Tia Hawkins

"Thank you sooooo much for coming to my party. The customer service was amazing and the attendant was so professional. My guest are all raving about how this was the perfect touch to the event with super fun props". K. Mitchson 5/24/16

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